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Bin repair request

Please fill in all the necessary fields. Mandatory fields are shown with a *.
Damaged lids will be replaced free of charge. If the body of your bin is damaged please upload a photo of the bin, once reviewed the bin may be replaced free of charge. Damaged Wheels cannot be fixed, a replacement bin will be issued. We no-longer provide 360L domestic bins, the replacement bin will be the Standard 240L charcoal grey bin.

Note : Repairs to the main body of the bin cannot usually be undertaken and a replacement bin may need to be purchased.

Please select the colour of the bin and nature of the damage: *
Please select the colour of the bin and nature of the damage:

Please note that there is currently a minimum 3 week lead time from ordering green/grey and blue bins/repairs. We would like to apologise for this wait as this has unfortunately happened due to an issue with our suppliers. Please note that if you have already made an order for a new/replacement or repair of either blue or grey/green bins, they will be prioritised first for delivery. If you do not currently have a domestic waste bin, please put your waste in a black refuse sack and place it out on your normal collection day and it will be collected.

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